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Reliable IT support is essential for any business, regardless of the industry. Today, organizations and businesses rely heavily on the internet and telecommunications to support their daily operations and processes. Technological advancements are speeding up the integration of IT and communications worlds, and any businesses aiming at gaining a competitive edge needs to adapt promptly to these changes.

Doing that and integrating other innovative ICTs into the business can be time-consuming, confusing, and unnecessarily costly for IT managers with little understanding of the telecommunications landscape. Effective management of different variables such as connectivity, uptimes, security, compliance, and service levels with each metric varying from one carrier to another is even more complex.

But you can avoid the ordeal by entrusting these services to an expert. ZenTek Data Systems is your strategic IT support partner with an experience of 15 years in offering reliable internet and telecommunication services. Here are the services we offer.

WAN - Wide Area Network

Wide area networks (WANs) enable remote users to share access to centrally located resources and communicate securely under one network. Any organization in multiple physical locations needs a WAN to enable its workforce, customers, and vendors to function well through a single network. We rely on the best IT support practices and techniques to make your WAN reliable and effective.

SIP Trucking

While you might have invested heavily in legacy PBX phone systems, you still want to benefit from integrating broadband internet services with long-distance and local phone systems into one line. You can reap VoIP-like benefits with your legacy systems using SIP Trunking without investing in new infrastructure. We help you merge all your communication systems using SIP.


In today’s business environment, broadband is not just about having an office with high-speed internet connection but being connected all the time. Broadband networks are created unequal, with each carrier displaying unique weaknesses and strengths. With our strategic relationship with over 70 carriers and suppliers, we shall help you get the best service.


A reliable and high-performing Ethernet may be what you need in the current virtual and digital world to gain a competitive edge. You need to work with the right and cost-effective carrier to deliver applications and information securely and reliably over the LAN and WAN. We help you to determine the right carrier and Ethernet solution for your business.


Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a packet-switched network solution that supports ATM, Frame Relay, TI/E1, and DSL. If your networks are heavily used, we shall use this highly scalable solution to increase traffic performance. By assigning data packets with particular labels, MPLS reduces network congestion, enhances bandwidth use, and delivers a great user experience.


Virtual Private Networks (VPN) relies on tunneling and encryption to lengthen your company’s private network across the Internet or other public networks. With the right VPN, your firm can operate between remote or roaming users and regional offices as though they are accessing your private network directly.

You can trust our experience in configuring and managing VPNs. Since VPNs can scale from 64k up to 100G, we shall help to combine your VPN solution with your VoIP network to minimize the circuits you need and costs. Their ability to reroute traffic to safe data recovery websites offers a great data recovery option during emergencies.

Why Work with ZenTek Data Systems for Your Carrier Services?

We have established strategic partnerships with more than 70 carriers and suppliers operating in your region. Unlike a carrier, we are a neutral and highly invested partner. We shall:

  • Understand your business goals and structure upfront.
  • Advise on the optimal solution that suits your business.
  • Negotiate contracts, execute and support the chosen solution.
  • Understand your business IT infrastructure and how best it can integrate the needs of your carrier service.
  • Work with your team to handle all service escalations.
  • Function as an integral part of your business environment.

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