Office 365 is your Complete Office in the Cloud

Office 365 is combination of applications like PowerPoint, Excel, Microsoft Word and various online services, cloud-based services, advanced security, and device management for any kind of business or operations. Office 365 is now known as Microsoft 365, office 365 is licensed with an annual or monthly subscription instead of a license. There are three plans of Office 365 for business; Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Microsoft 365 Business Standard, and Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Features of Office 365

Since Microsoft designed Office 365, there are lots of additional features that were added. These features were not available on the Microsoft Office Suite, but Office 365 has features that will be essential for your business's smooth operations.

  • Co-Authoring: A cool feature that is essential for any business making use of IT services. Real-Time Co-Authoring allows for online collaboration. Your partners can access all your files. You need to save your file to SharePoint or OneDrive, and anyone with access can see your works. Any business needs a form of IT support. Colleagues can make edits and additions to a file.
  • Convert Items in OneNote to Calendar Events: this is an excellent feature on Office 365. You can now convert notes into tasks on the calendar. These tasks are assigned to staff members with deadlines and reminders. Details can be added automatically to notes written in OneNote.
  • 50gb of Cloud Storage: Every user gets free 50gb of storage for all their emails, tasks, calendar, notes, attachments, contacts, and files. This is vital for businesses running IT services; you have to use less space on your computer using OneDrive Cloud to store all your data.
  • Work Anywhere at Any time: Office 365 is not limited to a device like Microsoft Office. Since all the applications are now web-based, and all your files are stored in the cloud. You can work on any device with an internet connection and log-in. You don't have to install any software to use Office 365.

Benefits of Office 365

There are lots of benefits you get when you use Office 365 in your business. Office 365 has features that can be used in any section of your business.

  • Improved Security: Office 365 gives you full security. All your files and data are stored in the cloud, and Microsoft has ensured maximum security of all cloud services. Office 365 also allows you to modify the security settings suitable for you. Your emails are encrypted, there is a data loss prevention policy followed by Microsoft, and there is an advanced threat analysis system.
  • Free updates: Every business will enjoy this benefit. Once you subscribe to any Office 365 plan, all your programs update when a newer version is released. You don't have to pay for updates.
  • Synchronization and Organization: There is a synchronization of all your emails, contacts, and calendars when you use Office 365. With this, it is easy for IT support to locate and deal with any issue. You do not have to update data on all your devices; once an update is made on a device, it is updated automatically on all your other devices.

Increased productivity, ROI, and business success are all possible when you incorporate Office 365 into your business.

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