It`s Nice To Know There Is Help Anytime We Need It. Responsive, Secure, and Honest

Since working with ZenTek for our IT Company we now have the peace of mind that we have the appropriate security systems in place and someone there for us when we need it. They are able to take care of the day to day and assist with third party applications. We haven’t had another IT firm like this company, but from prior companies I remembered when an IT Company takes over, they usually make many adjustments to every computer that it is impossible to do anything on your own anymore. This just wasn’t the case with ZenTek, they empowered us to be able to do our job and worked with us to implement the proper controls for our specific business needs. If you just have a chat with Brandon, you will know he’s an honest and fair businessman. While he must run his business, he understands you have a business to run as well. We’d recommend working with ZenTek if you’re looking for an honest and fair IT Support Company.

Harry Steiner Managing Director
The Charter Store

An IT Company That Understand Our IT Support Needs

ZenTek is providing us with great service. They are quick to respond as well as keeping our security at the top of their mind; keeping us protected. Security and quick response is their number one priority when it comes to IT support. Even with the Pandemic, they have us set to easily work securely from anywhere. What I love the most is knowing Brandon and his staff are experts of all current products and systems. We feel more secure with ZenTek than any other past IT companies.

Lynn Milligam Office Manager
Herman Construction Services

More Protected, Productive, and Profitable

ZenTek allows our CPA firm to focus our efforts on our core business by keeping our technology systems operating efficiently. Their management works diligently to keep us informed and make recommendations for improvements to our systems which has made us more protected and more productive. ZenTek provides great customer service which includes the attitude of their staff, accessibility and genuine care for our needs. We could not be more satisfied with our choice to utilize the ZenTek team and would recommend ZenTek to other businesses looking for any IT Services.

Bill Benson CPA Managing Partner
Keefe McCullough CPAs

Stress Free IT Support Company in Fort Lauderdale

We are now living stress-free since switching to ZenTek for IT Support. They communicate with us with information about the issue right away and can find a solution quickly. They are able to assess the problem in a timely manner and Brandon and his team always give our staff a pleasant experience. Hands down ZenTek Data Systems is the best choice for IT Services in Fort Lauderdale, give them a call!

Margy Wolf Executive Assistant
US Immigration Bonds & Insurance Services, Inc.

Outsourcing IT Providers Is the Way to Go

We previously had internal IT personnel, but we found outsourcing IT services was more efficient and cost effective. Our first experience has been nothing but positive. We have an experienced support TEAM at our disposal at any time now. Don’t hesitate to give them a try, we ourselves were undecided when moving from internal to outsource, I wish I would have found EisnerAmper Digital earlier!

Luis Meija Executive VP
American Textile and Apparel

Can Finally Sleep At Night

It was a regular occurrence that we'd come in each morning and just wouldn't know what to expect. We had a number of IT companies try to get us on track and was just getting nowhere, and more frustrated. Now we can rest easy because we know that when we turn our computers on in the morning, everything will be working just fine. We find that ZenTek Data Systems is just more knowledgeable and they really seem to care about our business. The response times and support experience have been great. ZenTek Data Systems is the very last IT company you will ever have to interview!

Jeri Parrish Vice President
American Gold Label Foods

Consistently Exceeding Our Expectations

The single biggest benefit with ZenTek is they go above and beyond to fix issues efficiently and effectively. ZenTek is the first IT company we worked with and they provide us with a flawless service. There is no geek speak AT ALL, ZenTek thoroughly explains the issue and their solution to me without getting lost halfway through. Brandon and his team are knowledgeable and consistently exceeding our expectations responding to every ticket, email, and call with a sense of urgency and quick response time. I recommend ZenTek to anyone looking for an IT company that will deliver quality customer service and highly efficient solutions.

Rusty Hintz The Bridge Church

EisnerAmper Digital Saves Us Time and Money

The single biggest benefit of having EisnerAmper Digital as our IT provider is being able to work on my business and not in my business, leaving the IT issues to the professionals.  They do a great job at exceeding our expectations by providing superior customer service to our IT issues. I appreciate the proactive mindset and new industry best practices they employ. They offer the best value for their services. You get what you pay for, and your IT is one of your biggest assets. Make sure it's protected. That isn't a lesson you want to learn the hard way!

Thomas Hunker Thomas L. Hunker Managing Partner
Hunker Appeals

The Service Is Impeccable and Well Worth the Investment

Like everything in life, you get what you pay for. Our experience with other (cheaper) IT companies is that the service follows the price; frequently the lower the cost, the lower the service. ZenTek Data Systems may be on the higher side of the scale, but the service is impeccable and well worth the investment! The peace of mind they provide us is invaluable; under their care, we’re confident that our network and our clients’ data are safe from loss, viruses and hackers, and we no longer worry about storms, natural disasters or other failures because they have it under control and a plan to get us back up and running fast. That is why we chose the best, ZenTek Data Systems! Working in the Cloud is a breeze with ZenTek.

Charles Malzahn Senior Vice President & Shareholder
Reliant Inventory Group

Not Just a Technology Vendor, but a Business Partner

We represent a number of entities. When looking for an IT organization, we had a number of needs in mind. The primary being a partner that could not only service our technology needs, but match these to all of our business needs. ZenTek Data Systems regularly meets with us to strategize and come up with solutions that continuously exceed our expectations. They’ve now moved the majority of our businesses infrastructure to the “Cloud” and we couldn’t be happier. ZenTek Data Systems is our recommended technology partner.

Larry Healy Partner
ACM Capital Partners

Very Friendly Staff and Competent Staff with No Pushy Sales Tactics

We were introduced to Brandon and ZenTek Data Systems at a Law Tech event in Miami. Shortly after the event, Brandon met with us to discuss how ZenTek could possibly help. They offered a number of recommendations and solutions to different issues we were having at no cost to us. Since then, they have helped us migrate our systems to Microsoft Office 365 and revamp our network. This has resolved a number of daily performance problems we were experiencing. I highly recommend ZenTek Data Systems to any organization – big or small - looking for great IT Support.

Kathy L. Houston, Esq. Owner
The Houston Law Firm

Very Responsive Day or Night

ZenTek Data Systems has integrated our offices seamlessly. Even with most of our team constantly travelling, we're able to effectively work and collaborate from anywhere. They're very responsive to our needs any time of the day and provide us with the highest level of quality support that we've seen. Highly recommended service provider!

Diego S. Ayala, CPA, CFE, CFF, CVA Chief Financial Officer
Blue Water Worldwide LLC

Stepped Right In With No Interruptions

Keefe McCullough is a 50 person CPA firm that has worked with ZenTek Data Systems over the last three months when they were contracted to take over all of our IT functions when our IT Director left with no notice.  At a time when we were very concerned about keeping our systems running, they stepped right in, learned our system, and we had no interruption in service.  Over the time they have been with us they have responded timely to any issues regarding software or hardware, which is vital to our firm as any downtime in this area is a direct loss in production.  In the short period of time that ZenTek Data Systems has been associated with our firm they have recommended areas that have created time efficiencies and cost savings.  We are grateful to have found ZenTek Data Systems and could not be happier with the service and support they have given Keefe McCullough.

Joe Leo, CPA and Managing Partner at Keefe McCullough Joe Leo, CPA Partner
Keefe McCullough CPAs

Quality IT Services for a Competitive Rate

Deciding on a consultant to manage a company's IT system is not an easy decision. We assessed it as one would a most critical operational function of the business. Our infrastructure, our business continuity and ultimately our future as a firm was considered in the decision as to what partner Keefe McCullough CPAs + Trusted Advisers should choose to handle our IT systems. Our infrastructure needed to be stable, without frustrating downtime, data loss, or security breaches because we have sensitive client information for which we take responsibility. We chose ZenTek Data Systems and we have not been disappointed.

I have known the owner, Brandon Bowers, for over ten years. He was an IT Director at a CPA firm in which I worked. Brandon is now the owner of ZenTek Data Systems, an IT consulting firm. Brandon was good then as an IT Director, he is even better now as a consultant. We meet with him regularly and he updates us on where we are, he suggests changes, discusses cost (up or down), required upgrades, data security precautions/risks and future needs to keep our systems state-of-the-art. We have classes for our employees and periodic testing to make sure we have the proper awareness of cyber bullies, viruses and scams.

Brandon's company has several onsite consultants, we know and use all of them and they are all excellent. Brandon takes pride in offering the best and on top of all he provides competitive pricing. What more can one ask? Bottom line is that I would recommend his services to any company. I would suggest that any concern in need of IT consulting try ZenTek, you will be happy!

Debra McCollough HR Director
Keefe McCullough

Quick Response Time and Knowledgeable Staff

Our law firm uses ZenTek for our IT Support and other services. We used to have issues with prior IT companies. Since switching, we can call anytime and get someone on the phone expeditiously. ZenTek gets the job done effectively and efficiently every time. The response time and knowledge from their staff has been superb. I would recommend anyone looking for an IT Company to go with ZenTek Data Systems.

Rick Ellsley Founding Partner
The Ellsley Law Firm

Fast Response, Competence, Quality Service and Peace of Mind – All at a Reasonable Price!

If you’re looking for a trustworthy, competent and highly responsive IT services firm that will truly be a delight to work with, you don’t need to look any further than ZenTek Data Systems. They have consistently impressed me and my entire staff by going above and beyond the call of duty, delivering IT services that simply work at a reasonable price. I would highly recommend them!

Michael Degnan Chief Financial Officer
American Biosurgical

Peace of Mind

When working with an IT support company, communication is key. ZenTek knocks this out of the park. Everything is communicated and followed up with us always. They conduct quarterly meetings with us to ensure our systems are maintained and protected from the latest security threats and most importantly so our clients information is protected. We find that our annual budgeting meeting they provide to be extremely beneficial and have never had such a service before. Since moving to ZenTek, we find that we now have the peace of mind knowing that our business and staff is more productive. If you’re looking for an IT company that is dedicated, passionate, and genuinely looking out for your best interests, I’d highly recommend ZenTek Data Systems.

Steven Thompson Owner
The Chaisteli Group

Professional and Competent Staff

The team at ZenTek Data Systems is top notch. We’ve worked with a number of their team members and can’t say enough good things about them. They really know what they’re doing and can effectively service all of our technology related needs. In the past, we had a number of performance related issues that cost us time and money. ZenTek Data Systems was able to migrate all of our infrastructure to the Cloud which has proven to be fast and extremely reliable. If you’re looking to move to the Cloud, ZenTek Data Systems is the provider to get you there.

Michelle Wentworth Manager
Countryside Property Management

Fast and Friendly Service

Every time we had problems with our phones we’d just cringe at the thought of having to call our service provider. That is until we were introduced to ZenTek Data Systems. They seamlessly transitions our phone system to their Voice over IP (VoIP) system which is saving us over $6,000 a year. Now when we do need support, it’s a delight as their service is fast and friendly. If you’re looking to change your phone system or have other technology needs, we highly recommend ZenTek Data Systems.

Ed Pascoe President
Pascoe & Company

Quality Team and Reliable Solutions

Looking for the proper Voice over IP (VoIP) phone solution is no easy task. After doing extensive research, we decided on Star2Star which is how we were introduced to ZenTek Data Systems. Since then, they’ve continuously provided quality support and have been very responsive when we’ve needed them day or night. They continue to manage our VoIP system which has proven to be a very reliable solution and extremely easy for us to manage. Brandon and the rest of his team at ZenTek Data Systems are the real deal and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a technology partner.

Orlando Cabrera Director of Information Systems
Eye Associates of Boca Raton

Not Your Average IT Provider

If you’re looking for a team that can go beyond the basics, ZenTek Data Systems is whom you should turn to. Brandon and his team at ZenTek Data Systems first interfaced with us by providing a highly detailed Technology Audit which brought to light a number of deficiencies that we would have otherwise have been addressed. They have continued to be an asset to our organization anytime we need any specialized services that our internal IT Organization is unable to manage. I would recommend ZenTek Data Systems to any company looking for a competent technology partner.

Alan Swimmer President
National Maritime Services

One Place For All Our Needs

We have had the pleasure of working with Brandon Bowers at ZenTek Data Systems for many years now. He was our go to guy who set up all of our IT Infrastructure when I opened my urology practice in 2008, including choosing the equipment and deploying all of the network.  They never hesitate to work with outside vendors in order to help resolve any of our issues.  Brandon is a problem solver.  We are always confident that he will be able to figure out any issues that we encounter.  A common phrase we use is "Call ZenTek!".

Dr. Daniel Ead with Ead Urology Daniel Ead, MD Owner
Ead Urology

Always Available When Needed

Our company was referred to Zentek Data Systems and our experience with them has been nothing less than excellent! They have been really supportive with all the recommendations they have made and someone is always available should an issue arise. We put our full trust in ZenTek’s hands without hesitation and we look forward to doing more business with them in the future.

Anel Bayon Vice-President
LK & Associates

It's Nice To Have An IT Company That Actually Cares About Our End Result

We recently counted on ZenTek while opening our Fort Lauderdale office. They never disappoint and go out of their way to facilitate any last minute requests. Nice to have an IT company that cares about the end result and deadlines. I highly recommend contacting ZenTek for your IT needs.

David S. Faloon Firm Administrator
La Cava & Jacobson, P.A.

Competent, Fast, and Reliable IT Support

ZenTek Data Systems response times are incredible. I can send them an email almost any time of the day, and usually get an email response within an hour. The issue is then resolved shortly after that. They use very simple tools to be able to log on to our system to troubleshoot and immediately fix the problem. ZenTek Data Systems are they guys to hire. They a competent, fast, and reliable. Money well spent.

James Piersol President
M. C. Harry & Associates, Inc.

Far More Value For Your IT Spend

One East Capital Advisors is an employee owned hedge fund sponsor and so uptime and response time for us is CRITICAL. We are getting far more for our IT spend than we did in the past with larger/national or smaller/local IT firms. Response times are very short, and the solutions and ideas are precise the first time. Their communication is key and all of their technicians are on the same page to understand how to support our systems. We recommend any other business to try ZenTek for their IT support. You’ll get far more value for likely less than you are paying your current vendor, large or small.

Wade Greaton, CPA CAO
One East Partners

IT Is Something We No Longer Worry About

ZenTek moved us to their Cloud platform and assumed all the administration. Our IT environment is something we no longer worry about. Their team was highly responsive especially during the onboarding process and setup. We’ve never had an issue – they return my calls quickly and the environment has enabled us to work securely from anywhere. We’d recommend them to any business looking for IT Support or moving to the Cloud.

Joel D. Zychick President
Zcounsel LLC

Outstanding and Timely Customer Service

ZenTek has eliminated the need for us to maintain a physical server environment. While having a critical outage in our environment, ZenTek was able to move us to the Cloud in a matter of a couple days. Since migrating our environment to ZenTek, they have demonstrated outstanding and timely customer service. We also appreciate how quickly they are to respond to problems and provide solutions. We're very happy with our choice to move to ZenTek's Cloud Workspace environment and would recommend anyone looking to the Cloud or for a service provider to consider ZenTek Data Systems.

Roosevelt Edwards Director of Corporate Operations
UST Logistical Systems

Anywhere Access and Always Available

One of the biggest benefits to working with ZenTek Data Systems is knowing that I have someone that I trust to handle all my IT needs 24x7. I’m ALWAYS able to reach someone that fixes our problem and does it faster than any other IT Support Company I’ve ever dealt with has. Over the last year, we’ve migrated our accounting packages to their Cloud Workspace hosting environment and have had zero downtime. What’s great is that we can now access this data from anywhere and at any time. As an online based business, IT is probably the single most important part of keeping the business running smoothly. If you are looking to make a move to ZenTek Data Systems and are on the fence, get off the fence and sign up. It will be a great decision whether your needs are intricate and complex or are simple. They do everything well.

David Gelfman President
Ripping Wax

Responsive Without The Geek Speak

ZenTek Data Systems was referred to us by our accounting firm. They've managed their phones for years and we've really been on the lookout for better service as we've had some issues. As a travel agent, we're on the phone all the time and this is critical for our business to operate. They are very responsive and get back to us quickly when we've had questions or concerns. One thing we absolutely love is that we get answers that any person can understand rather than technical jargon. So far in our relationship I am pleased and would have no problem recommending another company to work with ZenTek for their technology needs.

Gwen Gordon LADATCO Tours

Responsive, Attentive, and Eager to Accommodate

The response time and attentiveness has been amazing. We also love the ability to leverage the knowledge of Brandon to steer our organization to the best solutions for us. Their staff is always available when needed and their eagerness to accommodate all our staff's needs has been a breath of fresh air. While they may not be a huge company, we feel they have personal service that has all the capabilities and then some of a larger IT firm and would recommend them to others.

Christine Rosen Manager
One Beat CPR + AED

Fast, Proactive, Experienced

Before moving to ZenTek Data Systems for IT Support, it took too long to get things resolved. As a business owner, I need to know our systems are managed proactively and if we have an issue someone will quickly resolve it. If our system is down, we’re losing money.

ZenTek resolves our issues fast. If you’re looking for an IT company, I have no doubt they’ll be able to help you. Give ZenTek a call.

Nicolas Terzani Owner
Terzani USA, Inc.

High Quality and Dependable IT Service Provider

Finding the right IT company for your business is tough. We feel ZenTek Data Systems provides high quality IT support and has been very dependable. It’s very important that we can get in touch with someone quickly when we need assistance and ZenTek provides a fast response to any issue we encounter. We would highly recommend ZenTek Data Systems to anyone who needs an IT Firm due to their impeccable service and the peace of mind they provide us with.

Sarays Benitez Compliance Coordinator
All About Gas Service, LLC

More Value and No Downtime

ZenTek’s response to every issue we have is IMMEDIATE, there is no wait time. If you have an issue, they are a phone call away to resolve it right away. I truly believe the knowledge and experience of every member at ZenTek makes a big difference when comparing it with other companies we have worked with in the past. Their attitude and customer service is outstanding. I would absolutely recommend ZenTek to everyone that values their time. Having ZenTek as your IT firm means no business interruption due to computer issues.

Vivian Lince Office Manager
Chaisteli Insurance Group

Committed to our Success

If you’re looking for an IT Company that providers amazing customer support and is truly committed to your success, you’ve found your guys. Brandon and his team at ZenTek provide us with constant communication which was something we were really looking for. Don’t fool around with any others, go with ZenTek.

Jaime Herrera Property Manager
BelaSera at Pine Island Condominium Association

Customized Service to Meet Our Needs

I have been working with ZenTek Data Systems for the past year or so, and they've put together a completely custom service for our company. They've integrated all of our communications between our local and overseas offices. ZenTek Data Systems is a very professional company, they respond immediately, solve all the problems, guide you all the time, and they are really ready to give you the best customer service!

Irma Duque Vice President
Green Air Express Corp

Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff

ZenTek Data Systems has been supporting us for years now. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. We used to use a number of different vendors to support our different systems, but have been able to consolidate all our vendor management through ZenTek which saves us time and money. Not only do we use them internally, but we recommend them to our clients as we know they do quality work.

Ada Oliva Controller
Mallah Furman

Understands Our Needs

The staff and service at ZenTek Data Systems has been top notch (#1)! Being in a very busy practice, they understand the need for things to run smoothly. They are very quick to respond to any and all issues in our office.  They will find and resolve the problem in a very timely fashion. We highly recommend them and their service to our friends and colleagues.

Suzanne Lago Office Manager
The Colon and Rectal Clinic of Fort Lauderdale

Confidence and Security

ZenTek Data Systems IT Services and staff make our firm feel secure. We're confident in their knowledge and that they knows how to handle all kinds of IT issues. One of the biggest benefits is that I now have a system that functions smoothly and all operations are done behind the scenes. Do not hesitate to use ZenTek, very professional, very competent and very accessible.

Jose E. Bustillo, Esq. Jose E. Bustillo, P.A.

Continued Quality Service

We have been utilizing Brandon Bowers & ZenTek Data Systems as our law firms IT Provider for several years now and are very happy with the quality of service and attention to detail. We have recommended him to others and will continue to do so.

Wayne S. Koppel, Esquire. Owner
Koppel & Associates, PA

Technical Expertise, No Geek Speak

Brandon Bowers & ZenTek Data Systems are extremely technically experienced and personable. They have provided our law firm with great technical skills and knowledge through their keen focus on customer service. The team continues to strive on providing consistent, quality support to ensure security and provide ongoing enhancements for our technology needs. We have been very satisfied with the advice, service, and overall response time received from the ZenTek Data Systems Team.

Patti Combs Office Manager